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In 1976, the ceramic tile industry was hardly existent in the UK, until then tiles had a utility image and were generally available through builders merchants and a few supermarkets.

Graham Presley recognised that choice and design was limited, and that by expanding the number and style of tiles offered, a new market could be developed. The rest, as they say, is history.

Presley Ceramics quickly became established as a major force in the supply of tiles throughout the midlands and north, acquiring many valued trade customers and retail shops. Rapid expansion provided the critical volume which allowed bulk purchasing, essential to the aim of being highly competitive in a demanding market. Close contacts with many leading manufacturers have led to the development of one of the UK's most comprehensive tile ranges.

The industry never rests, fierce competition breeds a constant flow of new lines and production innovations, indeed modern day factories are state of the art in all respects. Many feature energy recovery programmes, the heat used during firing has a secondary role in electricity generation, feeding considerable resources back in to the main grids. Water used in production is filtered and recycled on site, cutting out pollution. Robotics assist in every stage of the production process, not a single hand touches the tiles all the way from raw materials through to the finished product fully packaged.

Whilst these features are impressive in themselves, the by product has been massive savings through efficiency, effectively freezing prices over the past fifteen years, quite an achievement.

Tiles today are more beautiful, better quality, stronger and more durable than ever before, they represent real value for money for the discerning buyer.

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